Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement

The following is a section of the NLESD's policy about use of technology. Click here to see the full policy.

Acceptable Use of Technology

a. Technology, is to be used for educational activities and learning, and for other purposes as permitted by the school administration.

b. The use of personal devices (e.g., student-owned iPads, cellular phones, laptop computers) during class time should be for educational purposes only, in accordance with consistent, school-wide guidelines and practices as determined by the school administration and staff. Please note that school trips are considered class time.

c. Students must follow all District and school policies when using technology and treat others with respect at all times.

d. Portable electronic devices are permitted in rooms where exams are being written, with the permission of the teacher. For instance, permission must be obtained to use a device as a calculator.

e. In general, the use of personal devices is not permitted in K-6 classrooms, except in circumstances where their use is required to support the documented learning needs of individual students. The determination is made by the school administration, in consultation with appropriate staff.