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New Employee Information

Nain is located in the most northern settlement in Newfoundland and Labrador and is part of Nunatsiavut - the Inuit Land Claims area of our province. Nain is a remote community nestled between Nain Hill and Mount Sophie. Our community is accessible by air or sea and is located approximately 370km from Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Nain has a population of approximately 1200 people, most of whom are Inuit decent.

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What to Expect

Travel and Transportation


Nain is accessible by sea from approximately July-December depending on the ice conditions. The MV Kamutik W is a roll on-roll off passenger/freight service that departs Happy-Valley Goose Bay on a weekly basis. The schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions. Visit Nunatsiavut Marine for more information.


Nain is accessible by air all year round. Air service is provided by Air Borealis. Passenger flights departure daily from Happy Valley-Goose Bay if the weather permits. When traveling to Nain, book your ticket via telephone and ask the agent about the teacher discount code. Visit Air Borealis for more information.

In the community of Nain there are unpaved roads and once the ferry service stops running roads become snowed in. From approximately January to May the only mode of transportation is a snowmobile. Once the snow melts, community members use automobiles, ATVs, dirt bikes, side-by-sides and bicycles.


Nain was one of the first communities in the province to ban plastic bags back in 2009. You will need to bring a reusable bag to all stores in the community.

Although Nain is a remote community, you can find most items you are looking for in one of our five stores. Fresh produce and other goods are flown into our community throughout the week. When the ferry is traveling, stores purchase most of their supplies over the summer and fall to cut down on the cost of shipping.

Most teachers choose to buy dry goods, frozen food and other household items outside of Nain and ship them up on the boat. By doing this, you are getting the items you want at a lower cost.

Franks (formally called Big Land) and Northern are where you will do most of your shopping. There is plenty of fresh produce and other items on the store shelves. If you have any questions about items in the store, give them a call.

Northern (709) 922-2832
Mon-Fri: 9am-7pm
Sat: 9am-6pm
Sun: 12pm-5pm

Franks (709) 922-2814
Mon-Sat: 8:30am-6pm
Sun: Closed

Other convenience stores include:

Haynes (709) 922-2822
Mon-Fri: 9am-12pm & 1-5pm
Sat: 9am-12pm & 1-3pm
Sun: Closed

Quick Stop (709) 922-2280
Daily: 10am-10pm

Puffin Snacks (709) 922-2233
Mon-Sat: 1-5pm & 6-9pm
Sun: Closed

Health Care

Medical Care

Nain has a clinic that is able to provide primary health care to our community members. The clinic is open 8am-4pm Monday-Friday (except Thursday). Emergency services are available 24/7. Please check the Nain Community Clinic page for more details. Our clinic may refer you to the hospital in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Medical flights occur on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and are $103 return for non beneficiaries. While in HVGB, you need to find your own transportation and accommodations for the duration of your stay.

If you require long term prescriptions, please call the clinic at (709) 922-2912 prior to your move to learn the process. You can also visit Medication Dispensing at the Nain Community Clinic for more information.

Mental Health

Councillors for mental health and additions are also available in our community through Labrador Grenfell Health and the Department of Health and Social Services.


Dental services are provided every 3-4 months by a team of dentists that fly into the community. The clinic usually runs daily for approximately two weeks. In order to book an appointment, call DHSD at (709) 922-2126 to put your name on the wait list. If you need to see a dentist while the team is not in town, you can book your appointment with a local Happy Valley-Goose Bay dentist and notify the clinic of your location, date, and time of appointment and they will set you up for a flight for you. Non emergency patients may get bumped off the medical flight.

Eye Care

Eye doctors visit every 1-2 years. In order to book an appointment, call DHSD at (709) 922-2126 to put your name on the wait list. If you need to see an eye doctor while the doctor is not in town, you can book your appointment with a local Happy Valley-Goose Bay dentist and notify the clinic of your location, date, and time of appointment and they will set you up for a flight for you. Non emergency patients may get bumped off the medical flight.

Freight Services and Mail


MV Kamutik W: Freight must be delivered to the dock in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL. The boat travels from HVGB all ports North to Nain.

MV Northern Ranger: Freight must be delivered to Harbour Grace, NL. The boat leaves the island and travels to the north coast of Labrador port in Makkovik. The boat travels all points north.


Air Borealis delivers freight on their airline from Happy Valley-Goose Bay to all the northern coastal communities. This is the most expensive means of shipping freight.

Postal services are also available in our community. Upon arrival, visit the post office to set up your mailbox.


Depending on availability, teachers may live in a school board apartment or apartments rented by a local landlord. Living arrangements are made by the school/district office in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

School board rentals: There is a five apartment building complex on the school parking lot and three trailers uptown (10-15 minute walk to school). All properties are two bedroom apartments. If single, you may be required to share an apartment. All apartments come furnished with a couch, chair, coffee table, end tables, kitchen table and chairs and bedroom furniture. There is a fridge, stove, washer, dryer and 1 or 2 freezers. Electricity and furnace oil are included in the rent. The tenant is responsible for hooking up services for phone, internet and television. The school can verify for certain what is in the apartment prior to arrival since previous tenants may leave small appliances and other items.

Local rentals: There are two apartment buildings located within a 5 minute walking distance to school. There are four apartments in one building and five in another. Some of these apartments are usually reserved for teachers. Apartments are furnished similar to the school board rentals. The tenant is responsible for hooking up services for phone, internet and television. The landlord, or previous tenant if known, can verify what furniture and small appliances may be left in the apartment.

Communication Services

Bell is the main internet (high speed wireless) and satellite television provider. It is the only landline provider. Technicians fly into the community every month or so to service the community. They do not install satellites in our community. Some individuals chose Shaw Direct as their satellite television provider. The only other internet service provider is Xplornet (satellite internet).

Nain is the only community on the north coast of Labrador that has cell reception. Cell reception came to Nain in July of 2019. Cell reception cannot be found everywhere in the community. Most cell phone providers work in Nain.

There are three radio stations in Nain. The main station is The OKâlaKatiget Society (99.9 fm) which is aired from Nain, Labrador. The station provides a native communication service for the people on the north coast and the Lake Melville region of Labrador. Another station located in the community Nain Radio (90.1 fm) which is a continuous playlist of music 24 hours a day. Radio bingo is also aired on this station. The third station is CBC Labrador (95.1fm) based out of Happy Valley-Goose Bay.


Things to do

Outdoor Activities

  • Boating

  • Sea kayaking

  • Canoeing

  • Hiking

  • Camping

  • Snowshoeing

  • Cross country skiing

  • Snowmobiling

  • Hunting

  • Fishing/ice fishing

  • Berry picking

Be sure to visit the local Wild Life Officer at the Nunatsivut Government building prior to participating in harvesting activities. Click here for more information.

For families with children aged prenatal to 6 years. Drop in and play or attend a scheduled program.

Learn a new skill while working on a project.

Restaurant, take-out, bar and hotel.

Jeremias Sillitt Recreation Centre

The JS building has a weight room (membership required), gymnasium, and a recreation room.

The recreation department organizes sports, darts and pool tournaments, community events and more.

Nain Husky Centre

A natural indoor skating rink with public skating and hockey tournaments and leagues.

Interested in wild food? Check out what the community freezer has to offer.

DHSD offers various activities to the community such as craft night, paint night and other public events.

Junior Canadian Rangers and Canadian Rangers

Spiritual Services

The Moravian Church and The Nain Pentecostal Community Church.


Police Services - Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Gas station - Woodward's Oil Ltd
Mon-Thurs: 9am-12pm & 1-5pm
Fri: 9am-12pm & 1-5:30pm
Closed on the weekend